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The film shows the converging of the media, corporations, the government, and how they package the war in a glamorous view for people’s pleasurable consumption.


1. Pentagon and Military work with the media industry in vast directions.

2. Movies are being made to recruit for the military.

3. The news televised war everyday turning it into a reality show.

4. War is being packaged for pleasurable consumption.

5. Entertainment industry is supporting the war


The limbic brain is affected by the patriotic theme music being used in certain parts of the news, movies, and television commercials.

The war, violence, and destructive images affect the reptilian brain processing thoughts and opinions about the film.

The graphics and designs being used in the media make the mind think and create an interest in the war.


Economic Shift- Politics and war for the cost of oil

Culture Shift- war is televised, making it glamorized instead of bad

Technological- new media devices, weapons, intelligence, used in selling the war

Epistemological- images, thoughts, visions of war shown on television


Emotional- heroism, war, graphics, TV Story

Value Message- America will not stand for terrorism, patriotism

Production Techniques- The filming and editing techniques being used to sell the war

Pacing- scenes of destruction, fast scene transfers, rapid imagery

Ownership- news reporting one side of the story, corporate news, censorship

Individual Meaning- what people make of the media and the war, thoughts, views, and ideas


Symbols- the use of the US flag in the media, patriotism

Strawman- President Bush will not stand for terrorism

Big Lie- war starspankle banners, clean war

Strength- US will not except defeat

Beautiful People- the use of stars and artist to support the war

Scapegoating- blame the Muslims and insurgents for the war

Cardstacking- blaming the terrorist for the destruction

Diversion- place attention on the terrorist instead of the US military and civilian deaths

Testimonal- news companies using former military officers as anchors

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  1. Hi Ben!

    GOOD final examination analysis of MILITAINMENT, INC.

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