Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anti Media Meds Spring 2010


Here is part of a new project that is in the makings over at ANTIARTCO. The designs and concepts have been in the works for a while. These paintings are still in the works, and were put together in early April 2010. There are many ideas to found through-out each of these designs a viewer must relax and spend a little time looking at the art, and find the designs with-in the paintings.

There is much symbolism in the paintings that one might find. I kind of think of the paintings as a playing card with the colors. Also, there are many other design with in, the overall idea was to just freestyle the art and see what happens, build on ideas as you think of them.

I do not find these design to have any corporate themes or ideas, making the art look industrial and structured, keeping the art far from mainstream. The art makes a viewer think when they look at it, then they come up with there own ideas of what is being told through the art.

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