Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1. After studying media for eight weeks in this class, what have you learned?

How much the media markets work together to create the news, tv, radio, and prints. Also, that the media is just a device that is controlled by these huge conglomerates, all they are doing is selling gimmicks. The class has taught me to see throught the BS involved in the media market. I have learned much about the history of media, how it has changed with the new developements in technology, and how all the forms of media work together. This course has shown me how to make better use of media tools with twitter, blooger, reader, and facebook.

2. What is the most important thing you have learned about yourself as a 1. Critical reader; 2. a writer, and 3. a critical thinker in this class so far?

1. That I must read the text more than one time to gather the majority of the information, and sometimes you must research the text to get a better understanding.

2. I am learning how to write better and have improved by reading text from this and other classes. Also, the research on a weekly assignments shows me how to find the important facts in the text book.

3. This class has definitely made me challenge the media, and what I will believe. Now when I go out to make a purchase I compare and research products before making a purchase. When I turn on the television I can decide in seconds if the show or commerical is just a bunch of propaganda; or when the news is on you can see how bogus the stories are.

3. What's one thing you would do differently this first half of the semester if you were to take this class again?

I would most likely take this course on-line if it was offered. I also could have been more educated in the media tools like blogger, twitter, and so on, instead of being completely unaware of the media convergence.

4. What's one thing you would like ME to do differently this first half of the semester if you were to take this class again?

I think the professor could have given media assignments to the students, let them give presentations, a little bit more interactive, or group projects. There could be individual projects like a commerical, video, or research project.

5. Please comment on the usefulness of the course blog, your personal blog, our films, and our book(s) as learning tools.

Blog - good idea, students get to interact and see each others ideas and thoughts
Personal blog - new for me, good idea, helps me prepare for building a website
Films - okay, possibly gear more towards interactive concepts, show detailed visuals of how a media project is put together from beginning to end.
Books - 2nd rate, basic knowledge is about the limit of the print. If a person watches the news, listens to music or radio, reads news paper or magazines, they have all the knowledge of what is in these books

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  1. VERY USEFUL reflections here, Ben!

    Re: your suggestion for a video project - we'll get there soon, oh yes!

    Enjoy your break!

    Dr. W