Sunday, February 28, 2010



I am new to this twitter verse, it is quite different. Like the article says you can have up to the date posting on what you are doing. Is this really neccessary? I will soon see. I guess this is another way that media is converging and the information is constantly being sent, keeping people and the world in cahoots. This looks to be a good media tool to get whatever information you like, to others in a matter of seconds, talk about fast. I do not understand some of this software, can a person upload pictures, music, and videos? This would be a helpful tool to keep the media convergence flowing. This article in Time basically defines how twitter has grown, how much people are using this service , and the kind of content that is being sent. I really do not care what someone is having to eat for breakfast, but some people do. I recently posted about coffee, I am waiting on feedback, just trying to see how this works.

Friday, February 26, 2010



Photo of Irina
Art by SA


Graffiti Project

I am currently working on a few projects of my own in the media field. There is music and paintings being put together on and off. I have been taking photos and doing some editing myself.

Photo of Asian Garden
Montreal, Canada

Some of the techniques I use in my projects are angling to catch the right aspect of the subject of art or photo, then some editing effects to boost certain details in the photos to bring out the idea I am trying to send to the viewer. There is a lot of multiple layering in the artwork a technique that can have great visual effects. Sometimes I will use the most basic and simplest technique in production, not everything has to be overdone all of the time. The use of symbols is used in some of these pictures, you can see the stars, guns, and other symbols. They are there to represent and express an idea, but ultimately the viewer sees the art their own way based on their interpretation. It may not be what I am trying to express. That is how art works. A viewer may see the use of scapegoating in the art with the symbolism, like maybe the communist have to much control or the weapons represent violence. I let the decision up to the thoughts of the viewers. It could all be a big lie, who knows? Or maybe its a bandwagon? I think there is some of the straw man represented in the art. I experience a lot of the economic shift by doing all these projects and see little return for all the effort, where are the trade-offs? A person looking at this art might find a value message or emotional transfer. I would hope that people enjoy the art and it will have a positive effect on them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A weeks ago I went out to view a movie at the local theater. The movie is called La danse - Le ballet de L'opera de Paris. This film is a documentary about the ballet in Paris, the Paris Opera. The film shows all the elements that are brought together to create the performance of this ballet. It shows every part of the business involved in the production of the show. The film last almost three hours, it is very detailed and keeps a viewers attention through out. I enjoyed this film a great deal, it made me understand the production and how detailed a ballet is. The performers practice their routines repeatedly in order to learn their part of the show. This film shows how well disciplined the performers and their instructors are, it makes a viewer want to be part of something that is well organized, that has tremendous structure, teaches disciplines, and has a rewarding out come. The music, sets, scenes, design, and lighting are put together very professional and create an awesome theatrical performance that leaves the viewers wanting to see more.

The production techniques in the film are very visible; the camera work, set design, lighting, choreography, and music all fall into the proper places that make the production work. I like the music that is used in the final performance at the end of the film. The use of pacing is definitely in use, the way the dancers move is captured through the use of high speed filming techniques. Repetition is scene through-out the film the performers are constantly practicing their routines. The film also shows the business side of the opera, how the advertising is handled, how the production is put together from the beginning to the end. The performers are in shape and are attractive, so the use of beautiful people is another media tool being used.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Benjamin Eisenhard

Media & Culture

Week 5 Pres. Obama


1. TRIUNE BRAIN: First of all, PRESIDENT OBAMA starts off by being polite, with a lot of thank yous, so he kind of lewers me in to paying attention to his speech. Also he stands very sturdy and shows great posture like any leader should. He looks energetic as if he is really sincere and has been doing alot of work. There is much press at the speech taking photos and making the event look really official. I think this is how he gains the viewers attention.

2. EIGHT TRENDS: OBAMA focuses on the economic, political, discursive, and culture shift in his speech. He speaks about rebuilding the economy by developing new jobs, and mentions he wants America to be the best country in the world. OBAMA also tells about his meeting with other world leaders and ways they are going to work together to develop new trades between each other.

3. SEVEN PRINCIPLES: The president use facts and statistics to explain what has been accomplished and what he is planning on doing to help further the country. He also tells story of scenarios that have happen with peoples lives, about the loss of employment and about programs that have been created to build business and create more jobs. He speaks of letters he has read from people of the country and there difficult times in this modern economic disaster, creating an emotional tye to the current situation the United States is in.


1. REPETITION - Repeatedly saying that he will make things better, by creating new jobs and rebuilding of the economy.

2. DIVERSION - He speaks about saving a 1000 jobs here and there, so he is bringing the idea of hope, like his slogan, to peoples minds that there will be a recovery in the current economical slope, when you know that 1000 jobs, is like a needle in haystack.

4. DENIAL - The fact he tries to use the tiny bit of employment improvement to be a huge success.

5. PLAIN FOLKS - He speaks of all the improvements made in the middle class, and focuses much of speech on them.

6. HUMOR - A few times in his speech he is laughing and smiling to try and make the viewers feel at ease, instead of keeping them focused on what little improvements that have been made.

7. BANDWAGON - I feel that OBAMA is on the band wagon of foreign countries when he talks about making a high speed rail system in the United States, the public transportation has been at a lost for years, so jumping on the train idea sound like a pipe dream.

5. IYOW OBAMA’S THESIS: What I gathered from the speech is that the president is pushing the idea that there has been a great deal of improvement since he has taken office. He wants to improve America and will not except defeat and that we should be the best #1 country in the world, and that is what he working on. He is also working on getting smaller business the loans and equipment necessary to function, even though the banks are not lending.

6. 3 FACTS OF THESIS: There have been new jobs created and old jobs have been saved, which he backs up with a few facts and stories. He also talks about the high-speed trains in other countries and says, “Why should America not have the fastest train?”, and explains if we build the train system that this will improve the country by creating new jobs and revenue. Then he talks about the meetings he had with small business owners and the problems they are facing in the current economy, and he promises that he will help by getting the banks to loan, so that the small business can succeed.