Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A weeks ago I went out to view a movie at the local theater. The movie is called La danse - Le ballet de L'opera de Paris. This film is a documentary about the ballet in Paris, the Paris Opera. The film shows all the elements that are brought together to create the performance of this ballet. It shows every part of the business involved in the production of the show. The film last almost three hours, it is very detailed and keeps a viewers attention through out. I enjoyed this film a great deal, it made me understand the production and how detailed a ballet is. The performers practice their routines repeatedly in order to learn their part of the show. This film shows how well disciplined the performers and their instructors are, it makes a viewer want to be part of something that is well organized, that has tremendous structure, teaches disciplines, and has a rewarding out come. The music, sets, scenes, design, and lighting are put together very professional and create an awesome theatrical performance that leaves the viewers wanting to see more.

The production techniques in the film are very visible; the camera work, set design, lighting, choreography, and music all fall into the proper places that make the production work. I like the music that is used in the final performance at the end of the film. The use of pacing is definitely in use, the way the dancers move is captured through the use of high speed filming techniques. Repetition is scene through-out the film the performers are constantly practicing their routines. The film also shows the business side of the opera, how the advertising is handled, how the production is put together from the beginning to the end. The performers are in shape and are attractive, so the use of beautiful people is another media tool being used.

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