Sunday, February 28, 2010



I am new to this twitter verse, it is quite different. Like the article says you can have up to the date posting on what you are doing. Is this really neccessary? I will soon see. I guess this is another way that media is converging and the information is constantly being sent, keeping people and the world in cahoots. This looks to be a good media tool to get whatever information you like, to others in a matter of seconds, talk about fast. I do not understand some of this software, can a person upload pictures, music, and videos? This would be a helpful tool to keep the media convergence flowing. This article in Time basically defines how twitter has grown, how much people are using this service , and the kind of content that is being sent. I really do not care what someone is having to eat for breakfast, but some people do. I recently posted about coffee, I am waiting on feedback, just trying to see how this works.

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  1. WAY to WEIGH IN on the Time/Twitter phenom, Ben!

    We'll start playing around in Twitter today...

    Dr. W